February 18, 2022

Recognizing Caregivers on National Caregivers Day

National Caregivers Day is February 18, and Pure Healthcare invites everyone to honor and recognize the selfless work caregivers do all over the country, especially those who help our friends, family members, and neighbors who are facing a chronic illness.

Caregiving involves many intertwined activities from the direct, hands-on care of a person to looking after their environment, nurturing their social connections, and dealing with doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies. Caregiving often comes with new responsibilities and unfamiliar tasks, yet it also often comes with no preparation or training.

National Caregivers Day honors those individuals who selflessly give personal care and physical and emotional assistance to those in need. According to AARP, there were 53 million caregivers in the United States unpaid for care of an adult or infant in 2020.

While caregivers may be men and women, it is estimated that 65 percent of the millions of caregivers in the United States are women.

A few ideas to observe the day and recognize the caregivers around you include:

  • Donate to an organization of the caregiver’s choice. Honoring a caregiver with a donation in their name can show your recognition of their work and benefit your community.
  • Write your acknowledgement in a letter. Your affirmation can go a long way toward bringing pleasure and raising a caregiver’s confidence.
  • Give a small gift of comfort to the caregiver. A book, baked goods, hand lotion, or candles can bring a moment of peace and comfort for themselves.
  • Provide an opportunity for respite care for the caregiver. Offer to care for the caregiver’s loved one for an afternoon to allow them to rest and take time for themselves.

At Pure Healthcare, we’re grateful for the caregivers who offer care and support to patients and families.

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