November 5, 2021

Pure Healthcare Observes National Hospice and Palliative Care Month in November 2021

During the month of November 2021, Pure Healthcare is observing National Hospice and Palliative Care Month. Pure Healthcare provides palliative care in our care center and through community-based outreach, delivering expert care to improve quality of life through symptom management and support for those who are facing a chronic illness.  

By taking a person-centered care approach and addressing more than a person’s symptoms, Pure Healthcare is working to make healthcare better. Pure Healthcare values the unique circumstance of each person it serves and develops an individual-based plan for areas they define as most meaningful to improve health and quality of life. Pure Healthcare collaborates and coordinates with primary and other healthcare professionals to provide seamless transitions across healthcare settings and ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of health care services. 

Through a dedicated team, Pure Healthcare’s approach to healthcare is comprehensive, caring for the complete spectrum of needs for patients and their caregivers. Pure Healthcare provides a single point of care coordination, early education and stabilization of chronic health risks that aligns with a person’s goals, values and preferences.  

Pure Healthcare is focused on bringing individuals to maximum wellness in spite of their chronic illness. Many people suffer from depression, anxiety and guilt, which may be related to loss of independence, poor body image, fear of disease recurrence, or even fear of death. Engaging with Pure Healthcare’s whole person care teams can help individuals recover a sense of being, remember purpose and return to being who they were before their diagnosis. 

By incorporating technology and telehealth monitoring through our Real-Time Care℠ platforms into an individual’s care plan, Pure Healthcare bridges the gap in healthcare that individuals frequently experience.  

  • For cancer patients, Pure Healthcare provides access to specialized oncology nurses to work with individuals and their physician. 
  • For heart disease patients, Pure Healthcare offers specialized cardiac nurses and support.  
  • For pulmonary patients, Pure Healthcare provides respiratory therapists and support for oxygen needs.  
  • For neurological patients, Pure Healthcare offers individualized support for patients and their families facing advanced chronic health concerns.   

Pure Healthcare is honored and privileged to serve communities throughout Ohio. For more information about Pure Healthcare, please visit: or call 833.600.7873.