September 11, 2020

Pure Healthcare: Empowering Individuals to Thrive and Maximize Their Quality of Life

When Pure Healthcare celebrated its grand opening, it marked a new day for healthcare in the Dayton region and beyond. Located just south of Dayton in Centerville, the Pure Healthcare Care Center is three-story, 39,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art facility, providing individualized, person-centered medical and supportive care services, which have been expertly designed to help those facing chronic health conditions.    

Pure Healthcare’s new population health model offers an array of innovative services to non-hospice patients and individuals managing chronic conditions such as heart disease, lung disease, cancer and dementia. Through this new model, Pure Healthcare seeks to fundamentally change the fragmented way care is delivered today into a more comprehensive, holistic model for the future.  

“The number of Americans facing chronic conditions is growing every day, and Pure Healthcare is committed to meeting this challenge by providing a higher level of supportive care for these individuals,” said Anthony Evans, president of Pure Healthcare. “We believe our families, friends and neighbors deserve a different approach to healthcare which focuses on the person, not the diagnosis.”     


Making each day matter.TM

When you or a loved one is facing a chronic condition, it’s important to set goals that are positive and life affirming. No one wants to be defined by the limitations of their illness or its associated symptoms. 

“Our model is designed not only to help patients and families identify meaningful life goals, but also to equip them to achieve their goals both now and into the future,” Evans said. “Living life to its fullest in spite of a chronic condition is what it means to make each day matter.”   


Exploring New Reimbursement Models 

Pure Healthcare is actively working with insurance companies and other payers to explore new reimbursement models which help it support its goal of empowering patients to live well with chronic illness.   

“We are rapidly developing the capability to provide care on a statewide basis,” Evans said. “We’re excited to begin work with health systems, payers and other partners to offer our specialized inpatient, outpatient and care management services to complex populations throughout all of Ohio and beyond.”  


Services Offered at Pure Healthcare 

By taking a whole-person care approach and addressing more than a person’s symptoms, Pure Healthcare is working to make healthcare better.  

The Pure Healthcare model values the unique circumstance of each person it serves and works with them to develop an individualized plan of support for areas they define as most meaningful to them.

These areas of needed support may be medical/clinical, emotional, behavioral, financial, spiritual or social in nature. The healthcare team at Pure Healthcare coordinates with primary and other healthcare professionals and community-based services to provide care, communication and navigation across all healthcare settings to ensure that the individual’s goals of wellness are achieved.

Pure Healthcare also offers  first-of-its-kind inpatient palliative care services in southwest Ohio. On the second floor, it is currently providing short-term stabilization services. These services include daytime infusion, transfusion, hydration and other proactive pain and symptom management services, which improve quality of life while preventing unnecessary trips to the emergency room and avoidable hospital admissions. The third floor is designed for palliative patients who need more intense overnight symptom management services as well as those who could benefit from overnight respite care.


COVID-19 Pandemic 

Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, Pure Healthcare converted its entire clinic panel to a unique telehealth platform. “This conversion has served our patients very well,” Evans said. “Many of them have opted to remain on this platform for their ongoing care and physician interactions.”  

The clinic has reopened for outpatient services for those patients who desire to resume in-person visits. Pure Healthcare is following strict screening and infection control measures. In addition, staff are closely following all guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Protecting patients and their families is the highest priority.   



Pure Healthcare accepts referrals from multiple sources, including patients, families, providers and physicians. But the optimal route is for patients to ask their primary care physician to make a referral directly to Pure Healthcare.

For more information, contact Pure Healthcare by calling toll-free 833.600.PURE or 833.600.7873.