March 30, 2022

Pure Healthcare Celebrates National Doctors’ Day and Recognizes Physicians  

Today, Pure Healthcare celebrates National Doctors’ Day and honors the physicians who dedicate their careers to providing care to palliative patients across our organization. We are fortunate to have exceptional doctors shaping the future of palliative care and educating the next generation of physicians.   
“At Pure Healthcare, we believe in providing the most comprehensive care team that includes access to and support from our own physicians for the patients and families we are privileged to serve,” said Kent Anderson, CEO. “Leadership starts with the willingness to serve, and our physicians have chosen to be leaders in palliative medical care.” 
The physicians at Pure Healthcare are leading the interdisciplinary care teams, setting care plans for patients and families, ensuring that all team members are in place to achieve success, and educating and training students, residents, and fellows in palliative care.  
“Our physicians are a part of a world-class team, caring for our palliative care patients with a team of experts from multiple disciplines, which makes this work effective and, in the end, amazingly rewarding,” said Dr. Chirag Patel, chief medical officer of Pure Healthcare. “I want to thank my physician teammates for their commitment to our mission and our communities, as we continue to deliver world-class care to our palliative patients and their families.” 
Anthony Evans, president of Pure Healthcare, thanks the physicians of Pure Healthcare for their commitment to the organization’s mission.  
“Physicians with the skill and experience that our doctors have are highly sought after in healthcare. I believe it’s a testament to their calling and commitment that our physicians choose to work with patients who are facing serious illness and high symptom burden,” he said. “In our model, physicians and nurses must be available around the clock to provide critical services to those who need them most, whenever they need them, in whatever setting they call home. Our doctors deserve our thanks and recognition for always answering that call.”