November 18, 2020

Erica Kain Recognized With DAISY Award®

Erica Kain was recently recognized with the DAISY Award®, which honors nurses who consistently demonstrate excellence through their clinical expertise and extraordinary compassionate care.

Erica is an LPN palliative supportive care at Pure Healthcare. She was nominated by her supervisor, Mark Curtis, APRN palliative care at Pure Healthcare. “Erica is command central for Pure Healthcare. Nearly every patient contact goes through her,” Curtis wrote in the nomination form. “She rooms our symptom management patients, and her approach helps them feel comfortable despite their chronic or life-limiting illnesses.”

She provides phone triage when patients call in distress, and she manages the refill line. She has managed multiple roles to enhance the success of the mission of Pure Healthcare. Most recently, Erica volunteered to go into the community and provide home-based supportive care to palliative patients. “Erica demonstrates compassion, expert knowledge and professionalism,” Curtis said.

Congratulations to Erica on being recognized with the DAISY Award and thanks to her for her support of the mission of Pure Healthcare.