What are the care and services provided with this program?

  • Visits and check-ins from a primary care provider to a beneficiary’s home or via telehealth services
  • Nurse and social worker visits to a beneficiary’s home or via telehealth services as needed
  • Care coordination assistance
  • Whole-person approach to care and family support services
  • Personalized care plan and goals
  • 24/7 symptom management care via direct patient care lines
  • Assistance with Part B Copays for Physician Services

What are the benefits of the Direct Contracting Model?

Through this program, healthcare providers and community organizations like Pure Healthcare can improve the quality of life for beneficiaries who are managing a chronic illness. Beneficiaries can expect lower costs for care while still receiving the same quality of care. Beneficiaries will still receive their original Medicare benefits.

While the Direct Contracting Model is a part of the care offered at Pure Healthcare, it is not the main focus of care. The level of care provided to individuals with chronic illnesses will remain the same.

Is this program right for me?

Beneficiaries who qualify must meet the following requirements:

  • Be enrolled in both Medicare Part A and Part B
  • Choose Pure Healthcare for in-home care
  • Not be enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan, Medicare-Medicaid Plan (MMP), cost plan, PACE organization, or other Medicare managed care plan
  • Have Medicare as a primary payer
  • Be a United States resident