August 31, 2023

Academic Faculty Attend RISHI at Pure Healthcare’s Healer’s Art™ and Power of Nursing™ Faculty Development Workshop

Thank you to all who attended our Faulty Development Workshop. RISHIAcademic faculty from accredited medical, nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy, and veterinarian schools attended RISHI at Pure Healthcare’s Healer’s Art™ (HART) and Power of Nursing™ (PON) Faculty Development Workshop, July 12-16, at the Mills Park Hotel in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

In addition to a wide representation of schools from throughout the United States, RISHI was privileged to welcome faculty from Peru and Australia to experience this transformational training program.

The workshop trained faculty in the planning and implementation of the Healer’s Art and Power of Nursing curriculum. Both programs are a 15-hour elective course for students. All learners explore the topics of nurturing wholeness, grief and loss, and service as a way of life. The medical schools focus on the additional topic of “Mystery and Awe,” while the Power of Nursing curriculum includes the following topics: “Discovering Your Healing Lineage and Personal Healing Qualities” and “The Courage to Make Your Power and Perspective Visible.”

“Academic faculty who attended the workshop learned about innovative approaches to strengthen and preserve the professionalism and resilience of their students,” said Evangeline Andarsio, MD, director of RISHI at Pure Healthcare. “The workshop also broadened participants’ understanding of the nature of self-care and re-inspired faculty as educators, renewing their commitment to teaching.”

The workshop prepared academic faculty to implement and evaluate a 15-hour experiential, transformational curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students. It also trained them to discuss the importance of isolation and loss of meaning in preventing burnout; address the impact of grief and loss on the ability to find fulfillment in their professional work; and run a Finding Meaning group for students and faculty colleagues.

RISHI training programs and retreats continue to grow from the timeless connection that exists between healers from all over the world. After every workshop we are reminded and strengthened in knowing healing and service are a universal language shared by all who teach, train and care for health professionals aspiring to live their vocational calling and personal values.

RISHI at Pure Healthcare provides education and support programs for health professionals who aspire to bring their hearts into their work and are dedicated to practicing a medicine of service, human connection, and compassionate healing. The mission of RISHI at Pure Healthcare is to contribute to healing the culture of healthcare through innovative educational programs and the formation of supportive communities. Its programs provide innovative tools, practices and resources to enable health professionals to sustain their service values, their humanity and their passion for their work.

Making each day matter.TM By taking a person-centered care approach and addressing more than a person’s symptoms, Pure Healthcare is working to make healthcare better. Pure Healthcare values the unique circumstance of each person it serves and develops an individual-based plan for areas they define as most meaningful to improve health and quality of life. Pure Healthcare collaborates and coordinates with primary and other healthcare professionals to provide seamless transitions across healthcare settings and ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of health care services.